Almost completely broken down

After this weekend I think I’m pretty much at the point where I’ll have to start rebuilding the RF84.  As the picture shows the space frame is almost completely devoid of additional parts. As it sits there, it does look like a pretty decent chassis..  The floor is still there, but I’ll drill the rivets on that next weekend.

After that its a trip to GT at Newark.  They are going to strip the frame, check it, and almost unbelievably, put it in the original jig.   After that it will be powder coated and will hopefully look new.  I’m almost certainly going to get the guys to replace the floor and side panels, but I guess we’ll talk about that when I take it over there.

One current concern is wiring.  The loom runs through the frame tubes, and I managed to get it all out with damaging anything; but the main worry is getting it all connected up again.  I’ll almost certainly create a new loom and make everything work before routing it all… but thats all some way off.