Modelling the RF-84 and 2016’s first entry

Another whilst the chassis is away blogs.  I’ve been umming and aahhing about doing a CAD model of the RF84.  A bit of a busman’s holiday, but the end result would be really great, and would go together with the 1000’s of photographs I’ve taken to form quite a useful reference on the car.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 15.02.03Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 15.02.19

The other thing that I’m thinking about is replacing the fuel tank, though as I write this I’m in a “use the old one” frame of mind.  I wasn’t 100% sure that the tank was ally; I was under the impression that it was GRP,  but as I drew it in case I decided that the new tank idea was the one to run with, it became obvious that it was ally. But having drawn the tank drawing the radiator seemed like a pleasant way to pass an hour or two.  And as I’d already drawn a weller wheel and front tyre it was becoming obvious that I’ll end up drawing the whole car.

Today I also put in the first entries for 2016.  The plan was to kick off with Combe and Gurston.  But when I downloaded the regs for Combe I noticed that it is 1 3/4 laps.  For some reason the Panda struggles on the flat, even at Curborough; the longest sprint on the calendar could turn into an exercise in depressing myself.  So I’ve elected to miss Combe and start the year at Curborough.  Gurston entries aren’t open until the 20th.

So hopefully the chassis will be back soon and I can start work rebuilding the real RF-84.