More progress.. and formula ford festivals

I’ve been making steady progress with the RF84, although everything takes longer than you expect.  But for an unexpected reason.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 13.05.20

This project is a one man band thing, like I guess, many many others. You have to be engineer, mechanic and driver.  But the role that dominates everything, at this stage at least, seems to be buyer.  Today I wanted to re-assemble the steering and front arb properly, which I did.  And then I wanted to put the gear linkage in.  And, as previously, it turned out I needed a UNF tap to clear the powder coating, and guess what? (Last week it was 1/4UNF nylocs) I don’t have a 3/16 one.  Even with the impressive turn arounds at Tracy Tools its a couple of days away.  With the pedals and front suspension away at URS, and no means as yet of cutting out the new firewall, work stops again.

I can’t remember where I first heard the idea of a hillclimb Formula Ford Festival, though it was certainly in a paddock somewhere.  So it was great to read the there’ll be one at Gurston in July.  July… given current rates of progress 837 is never going to be there this year though there is a temptation to have a shot at it; OK it’s futile.  If they run it I’ll be there in 2017, and as I intend being at the 2016 meeting in the Panda, I’ll at least be able to watch.

Talking of the Panda there are a couple of performance mods planned for this season, one being a Raggazon exhaust.  This is being fitted tomorrow, and if it results in any form of power increase it’ll be money well spent.  And if it doesn’t the car needed a new one anyway.