In which I knock 8/10’s off my PB at Loton, talk to some Formula Ford drivers and line up a gearbox rebuild.

Not much RF-84 rebuild news as in all honesty there hasn’t been much action on that front.  Too many hillclimbs and other stuff for that.

The Midland Champs event at Loton last weekend was fantastic, even though as Bob Ridge-Stern reports on his site, you’d go a long way to find many people who prefer a 2 day event to a 1 day one. I for one would prefer to do all my runs on one day and get home; the gap between runs is just too much over 2 days.  But when an event is as great as Loton was, I can’t complain that much.  Weather was fantastic and the venue was as fantastic as ever. It ties with Prescott as my favourite course.  As I mentioned in the title I managed to knock 8/10’s off my time, which I was really very happy with.  Looking at the numbers some can be put down to the car going faster because of its new exhaust and some, I hope, can be put down to me. When I got back I extended the results spreadsheet to include all the split times and speeds, and hacked around to create some sector times. Which showed me a lot.


Essentially, the run made of fastest sector times isn’t much faster than my best time.  And I could see just how completely I messed up my last run.  But then I had fallen asleep just before it.  See comments on 2 day meetings.

The good thing about a 2 day meeting is the time you’ve got for talking.  I managed to hook up with some of the Formula Ford drivers. One of them seemed to think the RF84 was ugly. Ugly or not it will be out in their class next year.

So coming up?  The Graham Hill Sprint on the Curborough 8 and a visit to Mark Bailey Racing to look at what needs doing on the MK9 Hewland.  Exciting stuff.






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