More wet runs at Prescott and a vist to Universal


First some Panda stuff.  Having had an encouraging run out at Curborough it was time to try the new cam at Prescott.  My first run up the hill was a PB at 59.39 – 1/2 a second up on my best time from practice last year.  My next was even better – one of those all too rare runs where you feel that you had it nailed and everything flowed properly.  58.89.  (I’m sure there’s a 57 something to be had!!)   Then the inevitable. Rain, in fact heavy rain.  So 60.00 remains my fastest event time, although my wet runs did win me a few useful HSA points, temporarily lifting me to second in class A1. I must remember to email C&B and tell them how happy I am with their work.


Now Formula Ford progress.  A work visit to Lotus allowed me to drop in to see Simon and Ken at Universal Racing Services. What an amazing operation those guys run.  The pretext was to pick up the newly plated and re-bearinged (is that a word?) front suspension and pedals.  Simon also managed to sell me a GRP moulded suspension cover – necessary when running an RF84 in competition these days.  I was planning to make one myself, but for £35 it was crazy to do anything other than buy it.   As the plan is to change every bearing on the car I also purchased a set of front wheel bearings.


Fitting these bearings needs a press.  A week or so ago the problem of finding a press was solved by the “Machine Mart VAT free weekend” which legally is probably more of a 20% discount weekend.  Anyway the press was delivered and I spent last weekend making an appropriate stand and assembling it.  By the time that was done there was precious little time to actually do anything on the car. Hopefully I’ll get time to work on the uprights next weekend, before helping run the Dreaming Spires model aircraft competition.

Things are changing on the RF-84 project, until a week or two ago I was waiting for parts to come back in a refurbished condition; now they are either back, or in the case of the gearbox almost ready to come back.  A plan to take a few days off work to make some progress on the car may need to be put into action. Soon.

One thought on “More wet runs at Prescott and a vist to Universal

  1. Great progress Laurence, its looking v.good. I was at Prescott for the PreWar meeting at the weekend, my first time driving up the hill, long course and managed about 1:23, unofficial timing, since it is non-competitive, in my Wolseley Hornet Special, 1271cc, 6 cylinder 1934. Keep going you are making great progress!


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