A big leap forward.. in fact two..

Having assembled the front uprights and picked up the newly painted, and’ bearinged’, front wishbones and pullrods some time ago, it was high time to trial assemble the front end.  Trial assembly made sense on two levels.  The first is that I want to replace all the bolts and am yet to purchase them, and secondly, it is quite likely that it will take a few goes to get it all together properly.  There isn’t much to say about the assembly process. All pretty straight forward.  And quite impressive when done. Its starting to look look like a racing car at last.


With the front suspension all in place (OK its not all in place – I’m not connecting the anti-roll bar until the final go at it all) the next job was to add the front panel.  Most of the holes in the chassis have been filled – but those in the front cross tubes have not. And this meant that the panel had to be fitted using the original holes in the chassis members.  Needless to say I messed up the hole positions in the panel I had bought; meaning that I had to make a new one from scratch.  This process was largely a repeat of the firewall make, and therefore, although cutting the holes for the master cylinder complicated the job, it all went very well; including pop-riveting it in place.



Last week I also went to pick up the gearbox from Mark Bailey, after its extensive rebuild.  The box looks superb, so bolting it in to the rear of the chassis is the next job.  However a search of the relevant plastic bins, and a look a the pre-breakdown photo’s, showed that 2 support brackets needed to be added at the same time as the rear ally plate and connector casting.  And these needed re-plating.  This afternoon’s work revolved around boxing them up.. Apparently I can expect to seem them again in about 4 weeks.  Plenty of time, then to clean the aluminium parts, and to make a start on rebuilding the rear uprights.








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