So that was 2016..

Yesterday was the annual H.S.A season closing meeting at Curborough.  This is the third time I’ve done this event and it remains as friendly and enjoyable as ever.

I hadn’t run the Panda with its new cam at a single lap event at Curborough before, so I’d hoped to break into the 41’s.  The first timed run indicated that I might achieve this, being 3/10’s under my previous PB at 42.02. But then as I queued up to do my final timed run it started spitting with rain. Not enough to wet the track noticeably, but I’m pretty sure it was enough to slow things up a little. Only one of the first 20 runners improved on their first run time, and even in the second half of the running order a lot of people were slower second time out.

Between runs I got talking to the Formula Ford field, and had a sit in Richard Summers’ really tidy RF80.  This is a much simpler car than the RF84, and is certainly easier to get into. But sitting in a Formula Ford again has fired me up to get mine finished as soon as I can.


Another Bob Ridge-Stern picture


3/10’s off my PB wasn’t a bad way to end the years competition.  2016 was a really great season, equal 3rd in the Midland B championship and 37th in the H.S.A championship, 17 places up on last year. It was also hugely enjoyable.  And of the 6 venues that I’ve run at only my 2015 time from Gurston remains from last year as a PB. Everywhere else I took reasonable chunks of time off last years runs. (Even at Gurston I went faster in 2016 than in 2015 – typically it was in practice.)

So 2017 – I’m going to work as hard as I can to get the RF84 done in time for March, and failing that I’ll ready for the Formula Ford Festival at Gurston. 100%!


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