Uprights part 2. And drawing to understand.

I took something of a break from the RF84.  Lots of the rear end was away being plated and re-bearinged and the time of year meant that when I measured the temperature of the car recently it was -1.  Too cold to handle.  But this week the parts returned from Universal, and the weather also took a turn for the warmer.  So its all back on in the Marks garage.

I’m beginning to think that it might actually be easier to re-manufacture the rear uprights than strip the paint off them.  That possibly isn’t the case, but it feels like it.  And it does illustrate the issue with the rear uprights.  They just sap the hours of this rebuild project.

The last big issue with upright 2 was the bearing retaining collar. (The sectioned view shows it in light grey.)  Its not easy to tell how long the upright has been together, but it has to be some time, as removing it was impossible.  So I sent it back to Universal to be machined out.

Now I’ve got the paint off the upright (well most of it) I’m agonising over something that may or may not be a crack.  I’ve already ordered a dye pen kit from the retail heaven that is Demon Tweeks. As I said the time spent on rear uprights seems endless.

The CAD drawing of the RF84 has suffered somewhat.  Basically the system I chose to draw it in couldn’t handle a complete car, so I’ve returned to Solidworks.  And for various reasons I wanted a car model for work, so I drew a simplified 70’s style car.  A bit like a Lola T340.  What it taught me was frightening.  The front suspension bump steers like crazy, the rear locked up at until I totally redrew it.  And it taught me that I didn’t really know much about suspension geometry after all.


Time I re-read Staniforth. .  If there’s something I need to know, and need to know relatively quickly its how a double wishbone suspension works, and what setting it up entails…

In Panda news I’ve topped up the charge in the battery, before I refit it (probably next weekend) and move the car out of the lockup.  I need to check it all out and give it a run, and I’ll need the space to store the new trailer when it arrives. And the first meeting (Curborough 19th March) is only a month away.





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