Good runs at Prescott.. and cop out time..

I’m about to cop out big time..  But before we come to that some more on this season’s competing in the Panda.

JP136 (1)

Since I last posted I’ve done a couple of events at Prescott.  A barely believable run of wet afternoons after dry practices meant that my PB, on the hill I’ve run at most, was only 60.00’s.  My best time up the hill in practice is 58,54 – nearly 11/2 seconds faster.

JP136 (15)

Rain wasn’t a likely prospect at the June HSA round.  It was really hot. maybe not as hot as the Midland Gurston round last year, but the temperature reading on the dash still showed 32 degrees.   For the only time in my hillclimb career my first run was red flagged, and unusually I drove back and was directed straight on to the start line.  As nothing had a chance to cool down I managed to put in a respectable sub 59 time.  Which I didn’t manage to repeat all day – I’ll blame the high temperatures. Still the 59.02 I did do was OK.  That did however leave some unfinished business.  With any luck (see below) this will be the last season out in the Panda.  And my target was a sub 59.  So I signed up for the Bugatti Owners Club B license series and got an entry for early July.

JP136 (18)

Practice for this meeting was wet – so I just took it easy to ensure I had a car for the dry runs in the afternoon that the weather forecast seemed to predict.  Sure enough the track had dried over lunchtime to allow me to put in my first ever sub 59 in an event.  This also put me a reasonable way up the 27 car class field, so for my last run a bigger chunk off my target time would have been nice.  I knew that I was losing time at Etores and the Esses, and sure enough with a bit of effort and commitment I managed to claw a few more tenths off my time..  58.68.  Good enough for 7th in class on the handicap system and overall faster than a good few cars, many of which are generally known to be faster than a FIAT Panda.  Really very happy with that.  And now I’ve achieved my personal target times at a number of places: sub 42 at Curborough, sub 59 at Prescott, sub 47 at Gurston..  Possibly time to move on.

As I write the other computer in the study is showing the live timing from practice for the Gurston Formula Ford Festival.  Which was meant to be the first meeting for the RF84.  And as you can see from this blog it’s not exactly ready to go.  Progress is much slower than I expected for all sorts of reasons.  So I’m going to see if I can get somebody to finish the car for me.  Its a cop out – but if I carry on like this I’ll be sitting here next year wishing I was running at Gurston..