Washout in Wiltshire

After the Formula Ford Festival I was hoping to break 40’s at the August British Championship round at Gurston.  It didn’t happen, but not for any reasons I was in control of.

The track seemed slippery on the practice runs on Saturday; at the top of the Karousel I got it a bit sideways, and at Ashes opening the throttle seemed to drag the car towards the barrier in a way it didn’t a month earlier.  Everyone was slower.

This was the first run out at a meeting for my new Aim Solo2 datalogger.

gurston august 2018

Apart from graphically showing where I had a clutch issue on the second run – see below – there was a lot of interesting data to be had.  But obviously my new wiring hadn’t actually cleaned up the rev trace much.  I need to look at that.


Possibly the most interesting plot shows where I lift for Hollow.  Actually not as much as I feared, but something I need to work on.


Another interesting point is that the maximum revs I was using registered at 5812.  But the engine red lines at 6400 I think.  So more to come there too; given that the RPM trace is quite dirty it might even be more of a problem that it seems at first.  The unit has gearchange lights but I hadn’t been looking at them.   I will at the Curborough HSA finale. And I need to do more work on the electrics.  I need a clean trace.

So I finished Saturday on 41s exactly; unusually I heard Jerry Sturman commenting on my time when I turned the engine off in the upper paddock.

The weather on Saturday wasn’t exactly a surprise, although quite how wet it was was probably not expected by many.  On my practice run I thought the transmission had failed at the start.  I opened the throttle and the car just didn’t move, at all.  Eventually physics and I caught up with each other, and I drove up the hill only to repeat things at the exit of Karousel and then Ashes.  Too much throttle this time.  I won’t mention the time and the wet seemed to have stopped the datalogger working!  Sitting in the car in the top paddock was decidedly unpleasant – I had to put my visor down to stop the water coming into my helmet.


I waited for something like 1/2hr in the car for my first timed run, most of it spent talking to Jo White.  And then we heard that the event had been abandoned.  Quite rightly as driving through a flood would have proved nothing.  And to risk damaging the car for that would have been pointless.

Putting everything away I literally could not have got wetter.  The car did get wetter on its open trailer driving through the flooded roads around Salisbury on the way home.  I’ll have to clean it this week.  And get my Curborough entries in.

Postscript:  Not enough revs?  Clutch dragging??  Just looked at the seat – wrong position – how incredibly annoying is that???

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