The 2017 season gets going..

I’m not actually sure what the plan was…  But for now I’ll pretend that it’s always been to get the Van Diemen on the track in mid 2017.  Which leaves 1/2 a season to score some useful points in the Panda.

With only 2 of us registered in 1.4 Roadgoing Production in the HSA championship a trophy seems a long shot this year; the other one is Andrew Till and I’m not sure I’ll get near him. I certainly didn’t last year. All this frees the season up.  I’m going to do a few rounds in the Panda in the first half of the year and get out in the RF84 later.  No pressure then.


In the same way that the HSA Curborough event is the perfect end to a season, the Shenstone Members Practice Sprint is a pretty decent way to kick a season off.  As the event isn’t run in classes it means I can run the Panda on its List B tyres at an event at Curborough.  As it’s the last year I’ll be running the Panda (hopefully) at least one run sub 42 was the target. And by the penultimate run that’s what I did – 41.95. A great relief.  As I really enjoyed the Owen Graham Hill Sprint last year on the figure of 8 I’ll be back in the Panda for that.


There were 3 Formula Fords at Curborough.  Les Buck’s Pringett Mistrale,   a Lotus 61, and Paul Webb’s Swift.  Paul owned my Van-Diemen 3 times!!  Which brings me on to progress on the RF84.


Both uprights are now painted, and have new bearings. The rear suspension is all trial fitted, the discs and callipers are in place.  I’m going to book a few days off work and thar will hopefully get me to the stage where all the suspension is back in place.

Hopefully the car will be running by July.  It certainly looks possible now.